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Composite Bondings (composite veneers)

Composite bonding is a straightforward aesthetic dental treatment to improve the aesthetics of teeth. It is a composite resin that is placed over the tooth to improve its shade or shape.

Composite Bondings (composite veneers)

Composite bondings are the new modern way to make you fall in love with your teeth!
It is a simple cosmetic procedure that can be completed in one visit. Local anaesthetic is not required for the procedure as no tooth structure is removed. This is a real benefit of the treatment.

Dental bondings can be used to mask discolourations, small gaps, correct rotations and give a fuller smile. If you feel you have small teeth or are hiding your teeth when you smile, then composite bonding’s are a simple, pain free treatment option that can enhance your smile.

composite bondings

Dental bondings can give the appearance of straight teeth without the need for orthodontics or removing sound tooth structure.
They are usually added to the tip of the tooth or can cover all the tooth.


The shade chosen for the composite bonding’s will blend well with the neighbouring teeth. There is the option to discuss whitening the rest of your teeth before treatment with your dentist.

Our dentists create dental bondings that give a very natural appearance. These can be subtle changes or a little more dramatic depending on your wishes. This is something to discuss with the dentist.

Why is it a good cosmetic option?

  • The treatment can be completed in one appointment

  • It is Pain free – No tooth structure is removed you don’t even need anaesthetic

  • It is a very conservative treatment. The tooth underneath is completely intact after treatment.

  • It is a cheaper treatment than porcelain veneers.

  • There is no lab work involved

How long does it take?

The treatment can be completed in one appointment. We usually see the patient first for an assessment to see if you are suitable and see how many you would need.
Merrion Road Dental offers complimentary composite bonding’s consultations. If you wish to avail of this then book in online or call 01 572 0888.

See our Instagram to view some of our cosmetic bonding cases.

Book online for a free composite bonding consult and see what your options are!

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