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Fees & Offers

View information on our fees for dental services as well
as current offers.

What does VHI cover?

We are pleased to offer VHI Dental at Merrion Road Dental. VHI dental will cover 2 examinations and 2 hygiene appointments per year. VHI dental also covers 70% of basic treatments- fillings, gum treatments and extractions after 3 months. So if you have VHI dental or any questions regarding VHI Dental then call us today to make the appointment and we will do the rest for you.

What does DeCare cover?

We see DeCare patients and make sure all paperwork is filled out to be sent off to claim on the day to get back everything you’re covered for.

Can I claim tax relief on my dental treatment?

Yes. Many of the dental procedures we carry out such as crowns, veneers and implants qualify for tax relief at the standard rate. At the end of treatment, we will provide and help complete a Med 2 form which you can use to claim your 20% tax relief.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments can vary in price depending on the complexity. This will be discussed prior to treatment.


PRSI may contribute to your routine examination and scale and polish yearly. Please ask our team for more information.

Cancellation Policy

- For appointments over one hour we need 48 hours notice.

- For appointments less than one hour we need 24 hour notice.

- 50 euro cancellation fee.

- Non refundable 50 euro deposit is taken for appointments over one hour

Routine Exam
Exam, Treatment Plan
Dental Hygiene
Hygiene Treatment
Periodontal Treatment (per quadrant)
Scale and polish with anaesthetic
Oral sedation
Composite restorations
from €150
Fluoride treatment
Digital X-Ray X1
Digital X-Ray bitewings
Root Canal Treatment (without filling)
Tax Deductible
€299 (take home kit)
Routine Extraction
From €160
Surgical Extraction
From €200
Tax deductible
Porcelain Crowns
from €800
Post & Core Build up
Tax Deductible
Single Veneer
from €650
Tax Deductible
from €800/unit
Resin Bonded Bridge
from 500 per unit
Aesthetic Composites
from €300
Composite Veneers
from €300
Composite tips/bondings
from €180
Acryllic based denture (full-arch)
from €950
Acryllic based dentire (partial)
from €600
Metal denture
from €1250
Children’s Price List
Routine Exam
Dental Hygiene
Fissure sealants
Fillings (Primary teeth)
from €80
from €80
Stainless steel crowns

Please give 24 hours cancellation notice. If you fail to give enough notice,then unfortunately cancellation fees will arise.

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