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Are You Feeling The Pain Every Time You Eat Ice-Cream? Do You Have Root Exposure?

We are all feeling the heat and eating a lot more junk food with the summer vibes in abundance. Ice-cream consumption is on the rise but for some people that 99 is not as enjoyable as they would like.

Do you get a “nerve type” pain every time you eat ice-cream or very cold drinks?

Advice from the dentists on sensitivity when eating ice-cream or very cold drinks

This nerve type pain may simply be from root exposure.

Root exposure can occur due to a number of reasons including:

Brushing too hard

If you suffer from periodontal disease

You clench your teeth


A very simple bonding can easily cover this exposed root and remove sensitivity altogether.

This is a very straightforward procedure and unlikely to require local anaesthetic.

Our dentists will advise you on the likely cause of your sensitivity and give some oral hygiene tips.

There may be other causes of the pain so we would suggest attending our dentist for a dental examination to rule out any disease.

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