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Discoloured Or Black Front Teeth

Do you have a discoloured or black front tooth that you constantly stare at in photos?

Do not worry, there are various options to consider when planning how you can treat the darkness.

Bleaching – normally anterior teeth that are black or discoloured have undergone trauma and the majority have had root canal treatment. If your tooth has not had root canal treatment then you can try normal bleaching but the prognosis is not predictable. Internal bleaching is a process where we bleach your tooth over 3 weeks requiring usually 3 visits. The results can vary but it is a quick procedure that is not intrusive.

Veneer – A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain bonded to your own tooth. Usually approx. 0.5mm of your tooth will need to be removed to allow for the veneer. It is like the thickness of your nail.

Crown – A crown is like a “cap” for your tooth. It is a shell of porcelain that is placed around your prepared tooth.

If you have any questions regarding a discoloured tooth, then call Blackrock Clinic Dentistry on (01)­ 572 0888 today or email


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