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Is The Gum Swollen Around Your Wisdom Tooth And Giving Pain?

Wisdom tooth infections - What is a wisdom tooth infection?

A wisdom tooth usually causes pain and becomes infected if it is impacted. There are numerous types of wisdom tooth impaction.

The wisdom tooth can be nearly fully erupted with a small amount of gum covering over the functioning portion.

The wisdom tooth may be partially erupted or just the very tip may be visible. It is usually the flap of gum that becomes swollen and caused the infection.

How can this happen?

If food becomes trapped in the area, leading to inflammation, this alone could cause pain or a mild ache in the area. The upper wisdom tooth may then traumatise this flap of gum causing it to become a progressively bigger swelling causing a lot of pain.

If you grind your teeth at night or during the day this can also cause trauma to the flap of gum.

When does this happen?

Our dentists mostly find patients complaining of this when you are very busy at work or studying for exams. In general, it can happen at anytime though.

What are the signs and symptoms of wisdom tooth infection?

Pain – ranging from a discomfort to a mild ache to severe pain

Swollen gum around the wisdom tooth

Bad taste

Swelling of lymph nodes

Problems with swallowing

You may not be able to function on that side

Limited mouth opening

Pain may radiate to head

Treatment of a wisdom tooth infection

Visit our dentist

Rinse with a chorohexidine mouthwash for 40 seconds daily

Clean around the tooth as best as possible

The infection may require an antibiotics from you dentist

If the infection is recurrent then your dentist will recommend treatment of either removing the flap of gum around the wisdom tooth or extraction of the wisdom tooth.


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