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What Is Dental Erosion?

Dental erosion also known as acid erosion is a form of tooth wear. Dental erosion is the loss of tooth enamel caused by acid.

There are different forms of tooth wear but today we will discuss dental erosion.

Enamel is the hard, outer surface of your tooth that protects the underlying dentine and pulp.

If the enamel starts to wear away, the underlying dentine is exposed, which may lead to sensitivity and in some occasions pain. If the wear continues, teeth will gradually over time become shorter. As well as sensitivity, this can also interfere with function. Patients that usually suffer from dental erosion also usually complain of not liking the appearance of their teeth.

What causes Dental Erosion?

Acids in food and drink. The main causes are excessive consumption of fizzy drinks, sports drinks, sparkling water, fruits and fruit juices, alcohol and many more. Fruit that people bite into like lemons or strawberries, etc. can lead to erosion on your front upper teeth as well as your posterior teeth. This can lead to your front teeth feeling rough, sensitive and picks up staining easily.

Acid reflux from the stomach. Acid can become regurgitated during reflux which may present with symptoms of heartburn.

Dry mouth


How to avoid Dental Erosion:

Decrease the amount of acidic food and drinks consumed. Keep acidic food/drinks to mealtimes to reduce the number of acid attacks on your teeth. Try not to snack on acidic foods.

Increase your knowledge on foods, drinks that may cause erosion. The dentists in Blackrock Clinic Dentistry are always available to give advice.

Rinse your mouth with water or drink some milk or bite into cheese to neutralise the acid post eating fruit.

Wait for at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking anything acidic or reflux before brushing your teeth.


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